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Get Your HVAC System Ready for Fall

Autumn is officially here in Cedar Falls, IA, and with it comes the need to ramp down your air conditioner and ramp up your heating system. Both halves of the equation are important, and both require a few steps to get your HVAC system ready for the fall. Now is the time to get on it, when temperatures are mild and you can probably get along for a day or so without your system. Here’s a short series of suggestions for properly winterizing your HVAC system.

Get it Serviced

A serving or maintenance session clears off any dust or dirt, replaces screens, tightens loose fittings and generally takes care of  the countless little problems that can add up to much bigger ones if you’re not careful. Serving sessions should ideally take place in the fall and spring. For your air conditioner, it’s a chance to get a jump on the wear and tear that took place during the summer. For your heater, it’s a chance to get a handle on any potential problems before they interfere with service, as well as improving its overall efficiency.

Clear Out the Weeds

The outside of your HVAC system, particularly the air conditioner, should stay clear of weeds and detritus throughout the year. Otherwise, they could block the exhaust vents or otherwise interfere with the system’s ability to function. Clear out any weeds and sweep up detritus. If the outdoor system is solely for your air conditioner, consider covering it with a waterproof cover until you have need of it again.

Consider Upgrades

Upgrades such as new thermostat and zone control systems can help cut down on monthly bills, as well as providing new features and conveniences that make your quality of life just a little better. Now is the perfect time to install such upgrades, before you have need of your system on a daily basis.

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