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Consider These Upgrades to Your Heater

Winter is in full force here in Cedar Falls, IA, and that means your heater is going to see use every day. You might not be able to replace your heater for a few more months – and if there’s nothing wrong with it, then obviously there’s no reason to – but you can still take steps to improve its functioning with the addition of one or more upgrades for your heater. They cost much less than replacing it, and the results can make you feel like yours is brand new. We’ve laid out a few options below for you.


Thermostats have advanced in leaps and bounds in the last few years, and replacing your older one – even if it’s working just fine – is both easy and can deliver some vast improvements to your home. For instance, consider thermostats with smart programming that can automatically detect the weather outside your home and make adjustments based on your individual needs. Or a thermostat linked to an app on your phone that will let you control it from anywhere in the world.


Cold air means dry air, and dry air causes all kinds of problems. In addition to health issues like dry sinuses and cracked, itchy skin, it makes your house feel colder, forcing your heater to work harder to make up the difference. A humidifier can help with that, not only making your home feel more comfortable, but giving it the feeling of being warmer, and easing the strain on your heater in the process.

A Maintenance Session

It sounds obvious, but a maintenance session – which tightens loose bolts, cleans off the dust and removes clogs from burners among other things – can make a huge difference to your system. By performing all those little tasks, the technician reduces the risk of a future breakdown, as well as helping it function more efficiently and lowering your monthly bills in the bargain.

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