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As Winter Progresses, Watch for These Signs of Heater Trouble

As our temperatures approach below-freezing levels, our furnaces—or other heating systems—are working particularly hard to meet the heating demands of your home. Hopefully, you had your heating system professionally maintained before winter began, as such service will ensure that your system runs as efficiently and effectively as it can this season.

If you do start to notice any minor issues with your heater, regardless of whether you had maintenance done or not, it’s vital that you not ignore the signs. Contact our professionals and the first indication of trouble so that we can ensure you’re all set for the remaining chilly weather. Keep reading to learn more about the signs of heater trouble within your home.

Uneven Heating

Take a stroll through your home while the heater is running. Do you notice any cold spots? If each of the rooms in your home is not receiving the same level of comfort, or at least the comfort you expect, then there could be a problem with your heater. If you have a zoned heating system, then it might be a damper issue. But the only way to tell for sure is to call in a professional.

Strange Sounds

You are probably used to the various noises that your heating system makes, particularly if you’ve had it for a few years or more. So if your heater is running and you hear a sound you’ve never heard before, you are right to be alarmed by it. You may hear clicking, grinding, or booming as your gas burner starts up. Each of these indicates a different type of heater problem.

Foul Odors from the Vents

The first time you turn on a furnace or other forced air heating system for the season, it’s normal to detect acrid odors form the vents. This is just dust burning off the heat exchanger and the vents, and isn’t cause for concern. However, if the smell persists or crop up again as winter progresses, then you might have an overheated motor.

If you find yourself in need of heater repairs in Cedar Falls, IA this season, look no further than Dalton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. Your comfort is our promise—contact us today!

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