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Solar Power Installation Services in Grimes, IA

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Not your father’s solar power

Like any other form of technology, solar power advances based on the innovation of previous models. It’s similar to what we’ve seen with cell phones. Twenty years ago, portable phones were bulk, expensive and used only by part of the populace. Today, they’re an indispensable part of our lives, with features that resemble personal computers more than phones.

Solar power operates according to the same principles. What used to be bulky and inefficient technology is now infinitely more efficient. Solar panels do much more with much less and are able to work even on cloudy days with little or no problem. Here in Grimes, IA, they make more sense than ever, especially for homes that are off the civic electrical grid or have similar special needs.

Up–front investment for long–term benefits

The main investment in solar power comes with the installation, which should be performed by a qualified electrician. The process involves some planning—determining the best place on your property to place the panels, as well as the number of panels you’ll need—and the costs are almost entirely up front.

In exchange, however, the benefits are considerable. Not only do solar panels allow you to power your home for pennies on the dollar, but because they have few moving parts, they rarely require repairs or servicing. That translates to decades of problem–free service and a big break on your monthly budget since your power comes directly from the sun.

Our team is here for you

A solar powered–home is an exciting prospect, but it’s not something you can trust to just any electrical company. You need a team with detailed knowledge and experience in the field, as well as a dedication to doing the job right the first time.

That’s what you get when you task our skilled team with solar power installation in your home. We’ll go over your options with you and thoroughly analyze your property to determine both your specific power needs and the best places to install solar paneling. We’ll then perform the installation with an eye on every detail and ensure that your new system works exactly the way you’d expect it to every time!