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AC Installation Services in Grimes, IA

Give us a call today: 319-266-3513

No air conditioning system can last forever, and you may find yourself needing to replace your current cooling system with a new one. You’ve found the right people to help! We’ve been family owned and operated since 1959 and we’re committed to the community and helping our customers in Des Moines and Grimes, IA get the best.

  • We define success based on how comfortable you are when a job is finished
  • True 24/7 emergency services
  • Committed to getting jobs done right and always doing the right thing

We install a wide range of comfort systems for homes including central air conditioning, heat pumps, and ductless HVAC. Whether you’re replacing an old AC or getting the first one for your house, we guarantee you’ll be happy with our work.

Our mission is to enhance the comfort and safety for people who live in the Des Moines and Grimes community. It’s time to call us. Your Comfort Is Our Promise!


AC Installation in Grimes

Before you call us for AC installation in Grimes, it’s important to think about what kind of system you’re looking for. While we perform repairs and maintenance on a variety of different makes and models, we trust specific types of air conditioners to get the job done for our customers to be 100% satisfied. Here are some of the installation services we can provide:

  • Central AC installation

  • Ductless AC installation

  • Heat pump installation

  • Central AC replacement

  • Ductless AC replacement

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a brand new system in Grimes or Grimes, or if you’re just looking to replace your old central AC system, our team has your back. Call us to explore some unique financing options that work for your budget so we can get to work!

Central AC Installation

A central AC installation should never be performed by an amateur or a family member. This is important because we see botched installations and central air conditioners that were just incorrectly sized and inappropriately installed. These problems can last throughout the entire lifespan of the system and cost you money down the line. Let’s avoid this entirely!

When you call our team of professionals in Grimes, IA, you get a team that won’t botch anything. Think about it, our motto is "Your Comfort Is Our Promise," because we make a promise to you that we can hook up your central air conditioner or your money back. It’s really as simple as that. Give our team a call for some of the best, friendliest, and knowledgeable installers available.

Ductless AC Installation

If you’ve never heard of a ductless AC, or you’ve never explored whether or not it could be right for your home, then hear us out. Ductless AC systems are heat pumps that run using small, individually placed mini split air handlers instead of your air duct system. For smaller homes, older homes, and homes with ductwork that’s too old or outdated, a ductless AC installation could be a great opportunity to enjoy comfortable temperatures and energy efficiency down the line.

However, these systems are quite complex. Without a professional installation performed by experienced technicians, you’re quite likely to run into repair needs and issues that might cause its lifespan to get cut in half. By calling our team, you’re committing to the quality and the extended lifespan of your ductless HVAC system. Call our Grimes, IA office today!