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Electric Water Heater Services in Cedar Rapids, IA

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Depending on how cheap electricity is in Cedar Rapids at any given time, or how efficient your home’s energy grid is, an electric water heater could be the perfect choice for your house. Call Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc. for the installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services you need.

  • We define success based on how comfortable you are when a job is finished.
  • We operate with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We ALWAYS get the job done right.

We’ve been working on water heaters and hot water systems since 1959. Our longevity in the Cedar Rapids, IA community is only surpassed by our ability to adapt to new technologies and customer needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact our professionals today. Your Comfort Is Our Promise.


Are electric water heaters better than gas water heaters?

Electricity costs more than natural gas, which is one of the reasons why most water heaters run on natural gas. If you have an electric water heater, you can expect to pay higher monthly bills for the privilege. On the other hand, electric water heaters tend to be safer than natural gas water heaters, since there’s no risk of a gas leak.

They are also simpler devices, which means they usually cost less to install and repair. They tend to last longer too, since there are fewer components involved to break down. Such features might make them an enticing addition to your home even if you live in Cedar Rapids, IA or a nearby town with reliable access to gas lines. Our trained team can discuss your options with you before performing an installation!

Who benefits from them?

As stated earlier, the biggest beneficiaries of electric water heaters are those living in rural areas off of the civic grid, where running gas lines become a practical impossibility. Electric water heaters provide an easy solution without having to go to any trouble.

They also work well for vacation homes and homes that go unoccupied for parts of the year. You don’t have to worry about the gas lines so you can leave the system turned off while the home is left empty. When you arrive, you need only turn it on again and wait a few minutes to enjoy hot water for all of your fixtures.

We cover every aspect of electric water heater service

Installing an electric water heater is a fairly simple procedure, but you still need a properly licensed technician to do the job the right way and ensure that there are no problems. Our team is ready to go when you are, and will plan the installation with you to ensure your new water heater meets all of your needs.

If you already own an electric water heater, you’re going to need regular maintenance to keep it running the way it should, and quick repair service in the event the unexpected occurs. Here, too, our team is ready to go, and we stand by our track record of high customer satisfaction.

Still Running Out of Hot Water?

Autobooster increases deliverable hot water by up to 45% by optimizing your existing hot water system. Autobooster is simple and fast to install, and can be used with most electric and gas water heaters.

A reliable, high performance solution for your hot water needs.

  • Get more hot water!
  • Save energy!
  • Save space!
  • Save money!
To learn more, please call 319–266–3513.

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