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Sewer line repair services in Cedar Rapids

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How old or outdated are your sewers? When was the last time you thought about calling for professional help? Well, it’s quick and easy when you call the team at Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc. and we never compromise on quality or affordable pricing.

  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We offer flexible financing options.
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Let us fix your sewers so you have a better quality of life. We’ll reduce your experience with leaks when you call our professionals in Cedar Rapids, IA.

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What causes sewer line problems?

The most common issues with sewer line problems are clogged lines and broken lines. Sewer lines can become clogged from an abundance of debris being flushed down toilets or drains. Examples of debris that can eventually cause a sewer line to clog include thick paper products, grease, hair, dirt and grime. If a sewer line becomes clogged and is not taken care of, the pressure of the clog and the sewage in the line can cause the sewer line to break.

What are some signs repairs are needed?

If water is backing up out of your drains or toilets, this is a sign of an issue in your sewer line. If there are pools of water around your drains, this is also concerning. Slow draining throughout the home is an important indication of a sewer line problem. Bubbling or gurgling sounds emitting from toilets and sinks are usually an indication of a major blockage in the line.

How can I prevent problems in the future?

There are several tips a homeowner can follow to help prevent sewer line backups and problems in the future. One of the first tips a homeowner can follow is to ensure no greasy food scraps or grease go down the drains of the home. Grease traps should also be checked regularly to ensure they are clean and properly functioning. Grease hardens as it cools and can cause serious blockages.

Can a malfunctioning sewer line be dangerous?

A damaged sewer line can cause extensive damage to your home. Sewage back up can cause flooding that will result in water damage. Sewer lines carry waste which contain harmful bacteria and other pathogens. If your sewer line is not operating properly, you could potentially be exposing your water to these dangerous substances.

This exposure extends to your yard as well. In order to protect your home from damage and hazardous bacteria, it is important to maintain a properly functioning sewer line.

If you are looking for professional plumbing services, contact us today. Our expert technicians will be able to solve your sewer line problems and perform routine maintenance checks.