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Garbage disposal repair and installation services in Waterloo

Are you looking to have a great garbage disposal installed? Or is your current on in need of repairs? Call today and get experienced garbage disposal services for your Waterloo, IA home today! Use these online sales and coupons to save on your service needs.

The garbage disposal is one modern convenience that is extremely beneficial, especially when used properly. We have noticed that many Iowa homeowners misunderstand the appropriate function of the garbage disposal. However, proper care and disposal is necessary to prevent garbage disposal malfunctions in the future. We’re happy to handle any issues you’re facing, but we also want you to know what you can do to prevent problems from occurring in the future.

Our experts technicians are thoroughly knowledgeable in all of the garbage disposal technologies and repairs that exist. We have a fantastic reputation with our previous clients. Click here to read our customer testimonials.


How can I keep my garbage disposal working well?

There are many techniques we recommend. They mostly involve precaution with items you allow to go down the drain. If you are unsure about whether or not an item can safely be put down the drain, its always best to be safe and dispose of it in the garbage.

  • Never Overload: Disposals are not designed to handle corn husks, peelings from a dozen potatoes, coffee grounds and entire meals. Putting too much in the garbage disposal strains the machine.
  • Avoid Certain Items: There are some things that should never go down the drain, this includes hard objects and food that swells. Metal, bones, glass or other hard objects should be completely avoided. Keep a close eye around the sink to ensure that these items don’t accidentally fall into the disposal. Items like pasta and rice tend to swell, and they are notorious for clogging the lines. Put these items directly in the trashcan to avoid this particular problem and keep your disposal running longer.

How can I check for leaks?

Garbage Disposals have connections and gaskets with the potential to leak. These leaks tend to go unnoticed under the sink. Clean the area under the sink regularly to ensure that your disposal is not leaking. If you do notice standing water, put a bucket under the disposal and call for assistance.

When is it time for a disposal replacement?

As with all appliances, garbage disposals do have a limited shelf life. There does come a point when they will simply stop working. If you don’t currently have a disposal, all you really need under the sink is space for the machine. We’re happy to install new disposals so that homes of all ages can benefit from this modern appliance.

If you are looking for professional plumbing services, contact us today. Our expert technicians will be able to solve your sewer line problems and perform routine maintenance checks.

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