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Shower and tub repair and installation services in Waterloo

Is it time to replace your old shower or tub? Call and get expert replacement services for your Waterloo, IA home today! Use these sales and coupons for your service needs.

There are several reasons to replace a shower or tub. In some cases, it’s a necessity because the fixture is leaking. Older, porcelain tubs that are chipped and scratched may be replaced because they’re difficult to clean. Many times, the bathtub is simply replaced because the color or style is no longer preferred and homeowners want to update the room. Regardless of your reason for replacing this fixture, it can increase the value of your home. This type of change definitely requires professionals to do the work for you. You can trust that our plumbing technicians have the expertise required to properly make any installations or repairs. Click here to read our customer reviews.


What are the warning signs of a leak?

It is frequently the case that the grout between wall tiles dries up and shrinks. This allows water to infiltrate behind the tiles and travel to other areas. It’s typically a small amount of water that won’t even make it to the room below the bathroom, but it still causes damage. The following are things you can check for to prevent these outcomes:

  • Peeling wallpaper: Wallpaper or paint that is peeling off walls for no reason is a symptom to watch for.
  • Loose Tiles: If you have floor tiles coming loose, then there might be a water leak. In the room below the bathroom, check for water stains on the ceiling.
  • Signs Of Mold And Mildew: If there is constant smell of mildew and old water, then you probably have a hidden leak and need to call for service.

What should I consider when buying a bathtub?

Remodeling can be done based on style, color and functionality. Size is an important factor, if more than one individual will be bathing at once, a larger fixture is more functional. If children will be using the fixture, it is important to choose one that is safe for them to get in and out of. In terms of materials, cultured marble is more stylish while cast iron is more durable. Your needs dictate what is right for you.

Why should I hire professionals?

Replacing the bathtub isn’t as easy as it sounds. First of all, the tub or shower you have now may not be a standard size. It’s entirely possible that the walls on either side will have to be adjusted to accommodate the new fixture. Also, maneuvering the new bathtub in and out requires special care and equipment to avoid damaging the walls and floors of your home. If the tub has been leaking, then you may have structural damage to contend with. Finally, you need to ensure that the new fixture is watertight and that you won’t have any future problems with leaking water.

If you are looking for professional plumbing services, contact us today. Our expert technicians will be able to solve your sewer line problems and perform routine maintenance checks.