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Bathroom plumbing services in Waterloo, IA

The bathroom is one of the most important areas in the home: the place where we get ready for each day in the morning and prepare for bed every night. You need your plumbing system to perform as needed, whether it be the sink, toilet or shower, and when trouble arises, it’s apt to disrupt your entire household.

The good news is that you have the trained plumbers of Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc. here in Waterloo, IA to help. We handle problems of all sorts, ranging from clogged toilet repair to new construction and completely renovated bathrooms. Whether you need work on showers and tubes, or faucets fixtures and sinks, count on us to make this vital part of your home everything you need it to be!


Simple issues benefit from the professional touch

When leaks appear in your faucets, fixtures and sinks, or you need a clogged toilet repaired swiftly, the first instinct is to perform the operation yourself. In most cases, this is a terrible mistake. Store–bought solutions like cleansers usually do a half–job at best – correcting only part of the clog and leaving the rest to reform – while attempts to repair leaks leave you on the hook if any additional damage occurs.

Here in Waterloo, IA, our expert team provides a proper solution to common bathroom plumbing problems. We can fix the issue quickly and without fuss, and our work is backed by an ironclad guarantee so you know that clog or leak won’t pop up again a few months down the line.

We handle bigger jobs too

New construction projects here in Waterloo, IA invariably involve bathroom construction, since proper bathrooms are required for almost every building. In addition, residents may decide that a bathroom renovation is in order, replacing old showers and tubs with new ones, and installing more function (and aesthetically pleasing) faucets, fixtures and sinks.

Such operations need to balance the practical needs of your bathroom with the visual look you want to see, which is why experienced plumber contractors are required to make the operation a success. We have the experience and training you require for an ideal bathroom construction or renovation project, and our team is ready to go when you are.

Trust professional plumbers every time

You wouldn’t get a health check–up from someone who wasn’t a doctor, or take your car to be repaired by anyone but a certified mechanic. Your bathroom plumbing should be no different. It’s a vital part of your household, and the training and experience that come with a professional plumber cannot be readily duplicated.

That’s part of why we put such an emphasis not only on our plumbers’ credentials, but on our commitment to doing a great job every time. You use your bathroom plumbing every day, which means that any work on it – from installation to repair to replacement – is going to be put to the test on a regular basis. We stand by all the work we do and provide up–front estimates to ensure that the work is done properly every time!