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Drain and Sewer Services in Grimes, IA

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We offer full services in the Des Moines and Grimes, IA community to take care of the drains and sewer lines for our customers’ homes. This includes powerful hydro-jetting drain cleaning, repairs for sewer lines, video pipe inspections, and drain replacements.

  • True 24/7 emergency services
  • Family owned and operated since 1959
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You won’t have to worry about your drains or the underground sewer line when our plumbers are on the job. We’re committed to getting any task done right and always doing the right thing. It’s why we’ve been a success for more than sixty years.

Our mission is to enhance the comfort and safety for people who live in the Des Moines and Grimes community. It’s time to call us. Your Comfort Is Our Promise!


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Sewer line services

Sewer lines are difficult to deal with when repairs or replacement services are required, at least they used to be. They’re normally buried underneath your yard, and used to require excavation to reach and diagnose. That was year ago, however. New technology allows us to make diagnoses using video camera inspection, and in some cases (such as stubborn clogs) we can address them through hydro–jetting or similar methods that don’t require digging.

Regardless of the size of the problem, however, our team has the know–how to perform the operation swiftly and smoothly. If your sewer line needs professional attention, our team is on the job. We won’t rest until your sewer line is functioning exactly as intended!

Drain lines are no less important

Drain lines tend to be less dire than sewer lines, in that they can be more easily accessed and don’t tend to disrupt your entire household. But they can still be very difficult to deal with, especially if extensive repairs are needed. Stubborn clogs can hound you form months, and is there’s a leak anywhere but directly under the sink our outlet, it’s apt to cause a lot of damage before you spot it.

We use the latest techniques to detect and correct any issues with your drain system, from hydro jetting to deal with stubborn clogs to seismic detectors designed to spot leaks and treat them properly without having to guess. We serve homes throughout the Cedar Valley area, so give us a call today!

The professional approach is always best

Drain lines and sewer lines can be more troublesome than water lines because of the waste they remove. If wastewater leaks or backs up into your home, it can make your family sick and cause other problems as well. Even a seemingly benign issue can cause complications when it comes to these parts of your system.

That’s why we move swiftly when drain and sewer lines are involved, and perform our duties with careful attention to every detail. We don’t rest until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction, and all of the costs are presented before work begins, so you know exactly what’s going to be involved. Call us today to learn more!