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Electrical Installation Services in Grimes, IA

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Most homes in the Des Moines and Grimes, IA community will need new electrical installations at some point: upgrading an old electrical panel, replacing standard outlets with safe GFCI and AFCI ones, putting in ceiling fans, adding wiring for new appliances, etc. The easiest way to have these jobs done safely and right is to work with our licensed electricians. We back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • True 24/7 emergency services
  • Family owned and operated since 1959
  • Committed to getting jobs done right and always doing the right thing

Our electricians are highly trained and friendly—you’ll feel comfortable working with them and free to ask any questions about the services we provide. To us, your family is our number one priority.

Our mission is to enhance the comfort and safety for people who live in the Des Moines and Grimes community. It’s time to call us. Your Comfort Is Our Promise!


Electrical Installation Services in Grimes

Here at Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc., we pride ourselves on electrical installation services in Grimes that go above customer expectations. What that means is that our company remains up to date on the latest technology, routinely trains our employees on how to install and maintain these systems, and we always put our hearts into the work we do.

Our professionals are easy to get along with and as reliable as they come. It doesn’t really matter if you need a generator installation, or even something as simple as new lights installed, there should be one phone number pinned to your fridge and a long list of great experiences that come with it. Do yourself and your home a favor and call our Grimes office today.

Professional Electrical Installation

First, let’s start with why you should call our team for professional electrical installation. We always show up on time, dressed for the job, and we remain sanitary to keep your home and the inside of it clean. We work with high tech equipment, always train on the newest and most efficient standards and technology, and we back all of our work up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you know you can always trust us.

When you get your electrical system installed by an amateur or a family friend, it might be a fun experience but that fun quickly fades when something goes wrong. This can be dangerous work when you’re not prepared and trained on the correct safety protocols. Not only that, but you can see some serious damage done with untrained hands. You’re in good hands when you call our Grimes team today.

Outlet and Switch Installation

Homeowners sometimes believe that outlet and switch installation services are simple and easy enough to perform on their own. While we understand the mentality that leads to this practice, we don’t agree at all. Those switches and outlets are connected to your greater home energy system, and they can cause some serious problems for you when you mistakenly try to install them yourself.

Take advantage of our flexible financing options if you’re in a unique financial position. We’re trustworthy, and we allow every homeowner to tell us how they want their outlet and switch installation to be handled. We even operate with a 100% satisfaction guarantee—so if you’re not happy with the work we provide, then we give you your money back!